A Double Storey Extension is ideal if:

  1. You need an additional bedroom & additional space downstairs
  2. You would like an en suite shower room
  3. Your existing rooms need to be made larger 

At Planning Permission Drawings we can accurately assess whether your property is suitable for a two storey extension, during our free of charge site visit. Most Local Authorities will have minimum standards to be met in order to give an approval for this type of extension. These may include the following:

The extension should….

  • Appear subservient to the original house
  • Be a minimum of 1 metre from any boundaries at first floor level
  • Work within any defined projected site line angles from nearest neighbour’s windows
  • Match features of the original dwelling
  • Not affect the light and enjoyment of any neighbours
  • Not overlook particular areas of neighbouring properties
  • Benefit the local area

Planning Permission Drawings know how Local Authorities work. This enables us to let you know what they will and will not approve (in most cases). We fully ascertain and then understand the needs of our Clients and always obtain the best achievable Local Authority approval. Working within available space, and budget constraints, Planning Permission Drawings will design and obtain the necessary approvals for your extension.

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